Monday, February 8, 2010

Jewels of Inspiration

It always seems to be that when a new year starts I get that itch to get into a photo studio and just get creative. The winters are long and cold here and I need to flex my creativity!

About a year ago I was introduced to an amazing jewelry designer, Betty Holland, Her jewelry creations are amazing and have graced some of the top fashion magazines.

We shot some of her jewelry last year. Our creative team consisted of a wonderful beauty and fashion photographer, John Hethorn,, Dillon Jay, a wardrobe stylist extraordinaire and myself doing makeup and hair. Our results were more than I could have hoped for and I couldn't wait to get the opportunity to work with this team again.

That brings me to today. Betty sent me not only one, but two packages of her jewelry collection to see...get inspired...and get in that darn studio again! I got the team together and we were all very excited to collaborate.

Thank you Betty for all your beautiful pieces, John for your mad photography skills, Dillon Jay for all your "out of the box" fashion sense, and to the amazing models that took part in our chaos (Brandis, Elle, Melissa and Ashley)!

Here are some of the results of the three shoots we did together so far. There is still more to come so please keep checking my website galleries for new additions!