Monday, March 1, 2010

When Artists Meet Artists

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for not being disiplined enough to get new blogs out as much as I'd like.
Instead of sharing pictures with you this time I wanted to share a video! This is from a recent photoshoot I was on with a whole new collaboration of artists.

The team consisted of photographer, David, at, hairstylist, Scott Burns from, wardrobe stylist, Mark Plowman, and again some amazing jewelry from Betty Holland,

Assisting us with lots of other things (video, photo assisting, ordering food and much more) was Trevor and Brett...and to our wonderful models Naomi and Lauren it was a great success. I look forward to many more!

Take a peak...turn up the volume...and let me know what you think!

PERSONAL WORK: Behind the Scenes from David Jackson on Vimeo.


  1. Jai
    You're the best!!1 Thanks again for spreading the word about my jewelry!

    You mentioned on facebook that we could ask you makeup questions. I have one. What is hte best under eye concealer ...especially for those of us 60 yrs?

  2. Thanks for the question Betty!
    I'm all about options so I'm going to make 3 recommendations for you because each product is a little differerent.
    One of my personal favorites in Lancome's Effacernes. It's waterproof and protective for the undereye area. The coverage is natural and minimizes the look of fine lines.
    If moisturization is something you're looking for you'll like Laura Mercier Secret Concealer.
    If dark circles are your concern you'd like Smashbox Camera Ready Full Coverage concealer. It comes in a stick form and has very dense pigment to cover darkness.
    You can find all these products at Sephora or your better department stores. Make sure to have a beauty advisor there help match the perfect color for you...and you can try them too and make your choice before you purchase.
    Hope that helps you...and happy concealing :)