Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Don't Let Things Grow On Your Makeup!

I recently attended a makeup artist summit in Chicago. Along with all the great artists to teach me some new tricks there were also a variety of new products that I discovered. One of my favorites is BeautySoClean.

So many of us are concerned about germs and bacteria these days. We are constantly reminded of the pandemic situation and people are extemely concerned with the spread of illness and contamination. We are a society that is constantly washing our hands and using antibacterial products. Being a part of the professional makeup artist industry I started to think about the bacteria that could grow on the makeup I use. I want to keep my clients safe and for them to feel confident that what I am using on them is clean and bacteria free.

BeautySoClean™ will help you feel confident that your makeup products are kept hygenic and safe. You can keep your powdered-base and cream-based products sanitized without altering it in any way. It will clean, rejuvinate and remove bacteria. You just spray a mist onto products and it's 100% effective in 10 seconds! This is the first product of its kind in the world and it can be used safely and effectively on all products - blushes, eyeshadows, lipsticks, face powders, mascara, etc...and all brands.

This is a product that everyday makeup users, makeup artists, salons, and in-store beauty consultants can use to feel confident that the cosmetics they use are kept hygenic and safe.

The BeautySoClean™ collection consists of three easy, convenient products: Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist, Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes, and Conditioning Brush Cleaner. It is available at select retailers or online at

Get your bottle today...and keep it clean!

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